Imagine being hauled into a police station and questioned about a crime. What do you do? What should you say?  What shouldn't you say? These questions and similar ones will go through your head. It's at that precise moment that you realize you need someone on your side. Someone who is not afraid to challenge the prosecutor. You want a team of attorneys who will fight for you. Your first phone call must begin with the Bur-Men Law Group. Invoke your right to counsel and send for us, we will be there!

Let our skilled attorneys assist you at this pivotal moment. The attorneys of the Bur-Men Law Group are experienced and take all criminal cases, including: Assault and Battery, Domestic Violence, DUI, Traffic, Drugs, Expungement/ Sealing of Criminal Records, Homicides, Investigations, Juvenile cases, Sex Crimes, Theft, Orders of Protections, and Weapons cases.

Is there a blemish on your criminal record preventing you from obtaining a job or housing? Did you know by removing this “stain” the doors of opportunity can open for you? The attorneys at the Bur-Men Law Group can have your case expunged, sealed or pardoned.

Legal Nugget - Did you know in Illinois you cannot have an Order of Protection expunged or sealed from your criminal record?

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