Attorney LaTonya Burton reviewing a case

How much is a consultation?

The initial consultation is free with some limitations.

How long is the first consultation?

The first consultation is 30 minutes long.

Can we do a phone consultation?

Typically phone consultations are discouraged, due to the confidential nature of our business and attorney client privilege.

How much will my case cost?

Fees are based on many factors, for example in a criminal case, it will depend on the type of case, the class of the charge, and the amount of work anticipated on the case.

Why do I pay a retainer fee plus and hourly rate in some cases?

Criminal defense cases are charged a flat fee, while family law cases require a retainer. When the initial retainer has been exhausted, the firm will bill on an hourly rate. You will be notified in advanced of any hourly billing charges after your retainer has been exhausted, but before any hourly charges accrue.

What forms of payment does Bur-Men Law Group accept?

We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover,  Cashapp, and Zelle. Payments can be made online as well as in person. Payments can also be directly debited from your account with prior authorization.

Can I reach an attorney after hours if there is an emergency?

Yes, you can call the office 24/7 and will be answered by a live person.

Do you take Saturday Appointments?

Our office is closed on Saturdays, however in the rare instance that it is needed its by appointment only. 

Can I request to have just one specific attorney work on my case from the Bur-Men Law Group?

Any attorney in the office can handle the case. When hiring the firm please understand that you are hiring the firm not a particular attorney. We will all work on your case with professionalism, diligence, and skill. While we certainly understand you may feel more comfortable with one person, please know that all attorneys work for your best interest.

What do I do on the day of court?

Prior to any court date you will hear from our office either via email, letter or phone call. You will be prepared before court. On the morning of court, please report to your assigned courtroom and wait for the attorney.

Where do I park?

Clients of the Bur-Men Law Group can park in our parking lot for free when visiting the office. Please park along the fence line designated visitor parking.